International Phone Calls

Telephone edit: 07.11.17

If you're an expat leaving the US or moving away from the UK then you want to stay in contact with your old friends and family. Of course this should be at reasonable costs. The internet can provide some more than email and facebook status messages.

Grandma does not own a computer and she can not clearly see the smartphone display. So she prefers the good old telephone handset with the bigger keys. As soon as there is a broadband connection in the house there will be hope.

Maybe the internet router is able to connect to telephone handsets. If not, then she needs a routing box that can connect an ordinary phone to the internet. An internet phone number for VoIP services is needed as well and with some proper configuration our Grandma can connect worldwide.

As soon as Grandsonny gets a similar equipment while abroad and a VoIP number with the same provider, both sides can phone each other at no extra cost, no matter where they are.

For further information on how to obtain international VoIP numbers check the contact information on the Home Page. We can help supplying numbers from Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and Germany. Also internet-phone routers and suitable telephones can be provided.

Just get in touch for your individual quotation!

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