BritBird 2806 Satellite Set

DVB-S Satelliten TV edit: 30.01.18

The  "BritBird 2218" satellite set focuses on users who want to receive British TV channels in Germany. With some modifications programmes from other European regions can be picked up as well.

The BritBird package is offered until March 30th in the Ruhr region of Western Germany. Dish and receiver box provide free channels from two satellite positions. So you can get British and German TV and radio with only one single dish.

There is no extra cost for contracts or phone lines. Only the license fee (GEZ) needs to be paid.

The 80-cm-dish provides continous reception even during bad weather conditions. The receiver can be connected to your HiFi stereo and provides thus a high quality satellite radio. Installer service can be ordered at approx 100~150 €, depending on technical conditions at your location. A list of available free channels can be found in the frequency list section.

Please make sure you have the approval of your landlord before mounting the device!

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