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DVB-S Satelliten TV edit: 12.11.14

FreeSat was the "satellite event of the year" all over the UK and in Europe. TV viewers everywhere are waiting for the launch of additional channels which are announced to reach a number of 80 in spring this year. Well, by now spring gets closer and serious activity can not be recognized so far. People discussing in online forums are making their guesses about the start date, which channels might be included in the package and wheter there might be a progress in the EPG service. Well, BB24 already had the junior version "freesat-a-lite" in stock. That means we can provide hardware which would enable your tv to receive channels like BBC 1..BBC4, ITV 1..4, Sky News or Film Four already now! What you need is our satellite dish with a digital receiver and some cabling. As soon as the official FreeSat starts you will only have to re-run a transponder scan to get further channels into your digitalbox's list. Already now you will have sub-titling to most of the programs shown.

FreeSat announces more interactivity to come!
So if you want to start right now watching telly for free then contact us by phone at a number listed on the left hand side of this web page. What you need to keep is the tv license you have. What you need to buy is the hardware from us (and. possibly some installation service). What you don't need is a pay tv contract causing monthly bills and no phone line as well. So this is a serious option to use for your holiday home where you only stay over the weekends.
See our preview section to get an ompression of available British and foreign channels!

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