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Satellite-Info edit: 14.08.14

The all German Champions League final will be on TVs around the world. But sometimes you have just no access to a tv set or you may be just out of signal while in an office or other work place. So there is a chance that you have a computer nearby. And when lucky enough there also is an internet connection available.

In this case you can use one of the media streams provided by the tv broadcasters. For viewers in Germany the coverage is provided by the channel ZDF. Just install  VLC player on your computer and you can open this network stream:

As you can imagine: this live stream is only available to users located in Germany. Though the stream quality during daytime is OK, it might be possible that during football transmissions the server is stressed. A huge number of viewers bringing down bandwidth and picture quality as this angry report describes.

But the ZDF is free to air on satellite tv. When your dish is pointed to either satellite Astra 1 at 19° East or Eutelsat Hotbird at 13° East you can watch that final match all over Europe on proper tv (German commentary).

So if your not at work or anywhere else where you do have tv available you should always go for the satellite option!

Another option is the Astra 2 satellite at 28° East. The channel ITV 1 cares for all the English customers. But that signal is only available around the British island and reaches into parts of Germany and France.



ZDF info:

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