Rußland-WM im Fernsehen

Television edit: 17.06.18

Now the time has come: German papers and telly are reporting live on "La-Ola-Welle" and "Public Viewing" and maybe a lot of other nonsense that language can provide.

On Thursday the opening ceremony and the first match of the tournament did  take place when Russia won 5-0 over Saudi Arabia.

Next match over very high interest for our readers is on Sunday when Germany and Mexico clash in group F.
For Russian viewers the main broadcaster "Pjerwuij Kanal" will provide coverage. Free coverage in central Europe is transmitted over Astra 19° East satellite by the German channel "ARD Das Erste" alternating daily with "ZDF".

If you can access the Astra 28° East in North Western Europ you can also switch to "ITV 1" or BBC, depending on the list of matches they have coverage permission, to have commentary in English language.

It is also not very complicated to get your local language mixed with the image of a foreign tv broadcaster if you have access to two receiver boxes. Many radio stations are providing live commentary via unencrypted transponders. So you can put the audio talk to your stereo and have the muted images on your screen in perfect combination.

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